• Sam Gaetz

Ash & Taggart

What a truly joyful day!

First of all, it was really the first nice spring day of 2019. 15 degrees and sunny all day! GORGEOUS.

Secondly, Ash and Taggart are the coolest.

I've known Tag since 2000, she was my camp counsellor - the head of arts and crafts. She hand crafted the amazing ceremony backdrop for their wedding which came as absolutely no surprise to me - imagine a million handmade paper diamonds (OMG). Take a peek below. It was stunning.

That being said, I haven't seen her in over a decade. Its funny how sometimes you reconnect with someone and its clear they haven't changed a bit...you're both just more adult versions of your former selves.

Ash is a chef! A bad-ass chef. (Go the the Farmhouse Tavern and let her cook for you!!) They met on tinder and have been together for three years with their dog and cat in the east end of the city.

I started the day with Tag at her parents house where she was getting ready. It was just Tag and her parents hanging out...when I arrived they were just eating hot dogs around the kitchen table. I feel like I say this a lot - but this was the most chill wedding I've ever experienced.

Ash made her way over to the building and we got ready for the first look! This is always one of my favourite moments of the day. The second they saw each other for the first time, their love was utterly palpable. These two were made for each other.

We went to the underpass park for some photos and found some gorgeous (and very fitting) graffiti to shoot against. Halfway through our shoot a gang of kids came by and got in our way, but once they realized it was a wedding they started cheering and applauding. :)

We made our way to Brunswick Bierworks - their wedding venue - which was perfect!

The ceremony began and it was just a really special, heartfelt ceremony leaving not one dry eye in the house."To know Ash is to know kindness." (This could not be more true).

Perhaps the most touching part of the whole day is when the officiant asked the congregation, "if anyone is here to support the married couple, please show your support now". Immediately the entire crowd stood up and began cheering. Their community showed up BIG TIME as they tied themselves to each other forever.

As soon as the vows were complete and the first kiss was kissed, they walked down the aisle and straight into a bouncy castle!! Thats right, the first thing they did as a married couple was jump in a bouncy castle. Bad ass.

Speeches were minimal, with only a speech by the newlyweds and then it was party time. Foodtrucks supplied all the catering (which was obviously delicious) and the entire party danced the night away.

What a special day to be a part of!

Oh also, I got to shoot a wedding planned by one of my dearest friends Alex - check her out on instagram @weddingsbyalexandra!

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