• Sam Gaetz


Where to begin?

Colton and I have been besties since our first year of college in 2011. Yup, that was 8 years ago (Wtf?!). Sometimes in this industry it‘s really easy to get overwhelmed with the day to day and fall into a creative rut. Whenever I feel that coming on, I call Colton knowing that he is always game to experiment with me. I’m forever grateful for that. Colton was one of my first subjects way back in the day, and we’ve never stopped shooting together :)

This May I was itching to try out a new creative space, OBJX Studio in Toronto (because I mean....LOOK AT IT!). Colton packed a suitcase and we made a day of it.

Feeling totally free to be creative and explore space is one of my favourite feelings. No agenda, no shot list. I love pushing myself to see new things behind the lens and this day really fed that craving for me. To my fellow artists out there, don't forget to look after your creative needs as well!

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